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Emergency Medicine Billing Company

How does AdvantEdge Deliver Superior Results?

All medical billing companies employ the basic medical billing steps:

  • Charge capture/entry
  • Claims filing
  • Payment posting
  • Reporting

At AdvantEdge, we go the extra mile, giving you results superior to other billing companies. At AdvantEdge:

  1. Denials are processed immediately by the appropriate specialist, based on the type of denial.
  2. Secondary claims are filed automatically as soon as primary payment is posted.
  3. Comprehensive EMR, ECC and hospital interfaces not only collect charge information quickly, they have built-in error correction and reconciliation processes to assure that every procedure performed is billed.
  4. Coding is performed by AdvantEdge certified coders, assuring accurate and compliant billing. In addition to immediate clarification on unclear documentation, our coders also provide regular feedback to improve physician documentation and, where desired, physician education classes.
  5. Sophisticated claim edits assure that only clean claims are filed. In fact 99% of all claims filed are accepted by the payor.
  6. Along with payments, all EOB information is posted, including denial information.
  7. If a patient balance exists after insurance payment, a statement is immediately issued.
  8. Patients can pay via an online portal, phone or mail with the full variety of payment types available: credit card, check, e-check, etc.
  9. Underpayments are identified and worked by an insurance specialist.
  10. Delays in payment from insurers or patients are reviewed and processed by A/R follow-up experts.
  11. All billing work is visible to clients on a daily basis.
  12. Comprehensive reporting and analysis is provided monthly and, where requested, on a daily and weekly basis.
  13. The AdvantEdge Client Manager works as an extension of your practice or hospital and is available at any time to answer questions and to provide additional information on the full range of  emergency medicine billing, coding and business intelligence.
  14. We provide the full spectrum of practice management services, starting with enrollment (credentialing) and contract negotiations. Plus, as required, some or all HR, accounting and financial support.

AdvantEdge Analytics: Medical Billing Information Anytime, Anywhere

Recieving a set of monthly reports is a thing of the past. Today emergency medicine practices expect easy access to current billing results every day, whenever they wish.

The AdvantEdge Analytics (A2) online portal provides HIPAA compliant access to a summary and details of charges, adjustments, receipts, A/R, procedure volumes and more.

The data is updated daily with “drill-down” access to detailed information by payor, provider, location, type of service, etc. It can be exported in multiple formats. In addition, regularly scheduled reports are delivered to A2 with no delays from paper distribution and no need to email patient-protected information. Ad hoc reports can also be be created and delivered to the dashboard. The entire dashboard and reporting system conforms to federal standard NIST SP 800-52 and other relevant standards required by HIPAA and HITECH encryption standards.


ClientFirst Service

Our ClientFirst approach includes complete transparency when working with our clients. InfoEdge is one dimension of that transparency and visibility.

Another dimension is personal communication: we communicate in as many ways as you prefer about practice performance, management of the revenue cycle and strategic direction. Your AdvantEdge Client Manager represents our entire company and is available to you at any time. Our team of coding, billing, and practice management experts communicates regularly on your account. And our executives are an integral part of your support team.

Every one of our staff members is focused on the performance of your practice. Unique to this industry, our staff members have receive incentive bonuses tied to superior results for your group. At AdvantEdge, we know that your practice is more successful when communication flows easily from the billing office or just billing office to your sites, physicians, and administration.

As a matter of philosophy, we want to operate as a business partner, not just a vendor. We find that this cooperative, “win-win” approach yields better results for you and for us. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate how this partnership can benefit your group.

Billing in House? Could a Billing Company be a Better Solution?

Is growth in your company making it difficult for your billing staff to keep up? Are current billing costs too high? Does your billing staff not find time to work A/R? Do routine billing tasks take too long? Is your software vendor “nickel and diming” you for updates? If you have any of these symptoms, we can help.

Traditionally, some practices have felt that they needed in-house billing to have “control” of their practice. With today’s sophisticated informatics and communications. AdvantEdge allows you to keep that control. In fact, many practices now feel that they have more control with a billing partner than with their own staff.

In addition to cost advantages (a variable billing cost instead of the fixed and growing expenses of an in-house operation), a billing company has a much deeper bench of expertise available to your group. AdvantEdge offers technology capabilities that no in-house operation can afford or develop.

To find out more, have us prepare a Practice Review to compare costs and capabilities on a drill down basis.