Office-Based Billing

Office-based Behavioral Health Billing

Many behavioral health services are delivered in a provider’s office setting. In this setting, scheduling and the number of clients seen are important for efficiency reasons. At the same time, client convenience has to be factored in, including allowance for walk-in’s at many sites. Since the majority of behavioral health and substance abuse treatments involve repeat visits, office workflow and procedures must make this routine comfortable for clients and for staff. In some cases, agencies also ask their office staff to perform the billing. However, the needs of clients always need to come first, which can result in too little time or focus on the billing.

For this reason, many agencies choose to work with a billing partner, like AdvantEdge. This means that office staff can focus completely on dealing with clients. To do so efficiently requires software technology. That is where AR Plus from AdvantEdge fits in: it provides all of the tools needed by the office to capture client information, perform scheduling, check eligibility, identify and track co-pays and much more.

As a result, AdvantEdge customers get the “best of both worlds,” i.e. complete focus on clients with all of the technology needed to make the process efficient. AdvantEdge billing services work equally well when the office is using an EMR (Electronic Medical Record). In that case, the AdvantEdge Interoperability Module provides seamless connectivity between the EMR and the billing system.

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