Hospital-Based Billing

Hospital Anesthesia Billing

Most anesthesia groups do the majority of their work in a hospital setting. This means that the nuances of hospital anesthesia billing and coding are critical to maximize reimbursement and minimize compliance risks. At the same time, the environment is inherently complex with multiple operating rooms, coverage requirements, hospital quality metrics, etc. Where groups use a mix of anesthesiologists and CRNA’s, appropriate coding and billing of supervision is essential.

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With over 30 years of experience coding and billing for hospital-based anesthesia services, the expert team of hospital anesthesia billers at AdvantEdge deals with these complexities every day. In addition, they stay current with  payer requirements, modifier rules, AQI quality tracking and much more. The team works regularly with client physicians and staff providing documentation feedback, compliance advice and, where requested, physician and CRNA training.

Anesthesia Billing Service: ClientFirst

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare world, hospital-based anesthesia groups expect and need more than basic billing and coding. First they need responsive service to respond to questions and opportunities that arise. Examples include hospital discussions about OR utilization, payer changes in reimbursement and modifer rules, hospital contract negotiations and potential ACO discussions. AdvantEdge ClientFirst service responds to these needs and many more. The AdvantEdge Client Manager is available at any time to answer questions, provide information and to work as a partner with your anesthesia group. In addition, they proactively provide information and insights.

Anesthesia Billing Informatics

The revenue cycle process captures and creates most of the financial information about a group and its operations, plus productivity,  many of the quality metrics and, often, OR utilization. In order to effectively manage the group, anesthesia practice leaders need easy access to this data in the form of reports, dashboards and downloads. That is exactly what the AdvantEdge Analytics dashboard provides: current information on charges, adjustments, payments, volume, A/R and more.  In an easy-to-use, HIPAA-secure online portal with drill-downs, downloads and flexible time frames.

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An additional component of AdvantEdge Analytics portal is the business intelligence capability. This powerful technology enables AdvantEdge client managers and clients to quickly analyze trends, identify bottlenecks and answer payer and client questions. It can also be configured to provide customized recurring reports, flag when any metric exceeds a threshold and much more.

Anesthesia practices looking for comprehensive billing solutions find them with AdvantEdge: consistently strong cash flow, superior ClientFirst service and practice information available anytime, anywhere. Call 877 501-1611 today to learn more.