Medical Billing Solutions

AdvantEdge provides comprehensive medical billing solutions for healthcare providers. Our solutions include:

3 tips for improved billing

Each one of our medical billing solutions is delivered with superior results and ClientFirst for your practice, hospital, agency or ASC.

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Medical Billing Performance

The bottom line for all healthcare organizations is performance. At AdvantEdge, that means our first focus, every day, is to deliver superior medical billing performance.

Another dimension of medical billing performance is consistency: is cash flow consistent month in and month out? Fluctuations due to volume are to be expected but too often cash flow varies due to bottlenecks in coding and billing. Powerful AdvantEdge technology and streamlined processes minimize delays and immediately flag issues that could otherwise affect your cash flow.

At the same time, we know that each practice and hospital has unique characteristics that affect performance. For that reason, our workflows and our services are tailored to each situation. Customizing the workflow is another reason why errors are minimized and cash flow is accelerated. Just as important, the coding and billing workflows match your requirements. For example, some providers want immediate feedback on coding and billing questions while others prefer a scheduled time, e.g. weekly.

Have you done a comparison of current results to industry benchmarks? If so, you know the amount of effort required to consistently exceed the benchmarks. If not, you are probably “leaving money on the table.”

If you don’t have the resources or time to do the analysis yourself, contact us today to learn about the Financial PerformanceEdge:  a thorough, unbiased analysis of current results versus industry benchmarks. It assesses where revenue can be improved, costs reduced, cash flow accelerated and where there may be compliance risks. Every one completed to date identified significant improvements; in fact, most found annual benefits exceeding $250,000. Contact us now to schedule yours: 877-501-1611 or