Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing

Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing

Better ASC Billing

AdvantEdge simplifies Ambulatory Surgery Center billing and A/R management by handling all day-to-day billing, claims filing, A/R and related activities. This is all we do, so you have a team of experts working every day to:

  • Code all cases focusing on accuracy, compliance, and prompt turnaround
  • Deploy expertise in Ambulatory Surgery Center billing and coding for Anesthesiology, Gastroenterology, Multi Specialty, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pain Management and Surgical
  • Enter all charges accurately and immediately
  • Verify that each and every case performed is billed
  • Submit claims directly to carriers electronically
  • Submit secondary claims
  • Work all denials and unacceptable payments from payors
  • Post all insurance and patient payments, adjustments, time of service payments, and co-pays
  • Maintain a toll-free number for patient and client inquiries
  • As an option, check patient eligibility and/or provide patient financial counseling
  • Provide monthly statistics detailing financial data, case volumes, and trends.

AdvantEdge offers your Surgery Center the ability to hire a team of experts, specialized and skilled in each of the billing disciplines, while only paying for a fraction of the costs. Since AdvantEdge performs coding and billing for many ASC’s, economies of scale are realized and passed along to our customers.

In addition, AdvantEdge has staff already trained on systems like yours. This means new and growing centers are assured that their billing is done timely, with no delays from staff learning curves.

If you currently use another ambulatory surgery center billing service, do they respond quickly to your questions? Provide insight and analysis beyond their standard reports? Treat you like a valued partner? Charge a reasonable price?

AdvantEdge takes pride in delivering ClientFirst service. This means that client needs and priorities drive each action. It also means that clients have a dedicated, single point of contact. ASC AdvantEdge clients get performance and service.

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