Medical Billing for Hospital Employed Physicians

Hospitals continue to employ additional physicians as the healthcare industry evolves in response to “ObamaCare,” reimbursement cuts and future payment reforms. In some cases, hospitals have well established infrastructures in place to support physicians. But in many others, that infrastructure is limited and needs to be augmented. Physician billing and coding are particularly important and among the most difficult functions to establish or grow. As a result, many hospitals turn to professional partners like AdvantEdge to handle medical billing for their employed physicians.

By partnering with AdvantEdge, hospitals are assured that every dollar of physician reimbursement is being pursued. At the same time, they know that coding and billing is done in a fully compliant manner. Perhaps most importantly, they are dealing with a business partner whose interests, focus and priorities are aligned. As part of this “win win” approach, AdvantEdge tailors its solution for each hospital: workflows, reporting, meetings, and much more. This ClientFirst philosophy underpins the entire AdvantEdge approach and is reflected by each AdvantEdge employee.

In some cases, a hospital may have skills and capacity to perform part of the physician billing but not all. In these circumstances, AdvantEdge can handle the balance. The billing is typically split across specialty lines, with AdvantEdge typically handling either the more specialized situations or the newest ones. In either case, AdvantEdge services are designed to fit the specific circumstances and timing.

If the hospital wishes the billing to be done on its existing billing systems, AdvantEdge has the expereicnee of billing successfully on different hosptial paltforms across the country with skilled staff and workflows readily available.

If your hospital needs assistance with employed physician billing, AdvantEdge is ready with a solution tailored to your needs. Call us now at 877 501-1611 to learn more.