AdvantEdge Analytics: Medical Billing Reporting

AdvantEdge Analytics

AdvantEdge Analytics (A2) is a powerful web-based tool for medical billing reporting that provides complete transparency and allows you to monitor the entire revenue cycle of the practice, enabling faster and better decision-making.

AdvantEdge clients have complete visibility into the billing process and results. A2 makes medical billing reporting available “anytime, anywhere.” As illustrated here, the dashboard shows the results of AdvantEdge medical billing services including charges, adjustments, payment, A/R, and encounters and units in summary form.

A combination of bar charts with many drill-down capabilities and reports are available. They show trending data providing you everything you need to know, even down to the procedure code level, with just a few clicks.

The data is updated daily with “drill-down” access to detailed information by payor, provider, location, etc. It can also be exported in a variety of medical billing reporting formats. All reports are available at any time in A2 with no delays from paper distribution and no need to email HIPAA-protected information. Ad-hoc reports can be chosen from the drop-down menus for immediate viewing and export. As an example, the detailed Executive Summary Report provides detailed and relevant practice financial information for swift decision-making. The report can be immediately exported to a number of formats.

In addition to full practice results, filters or sort choices include provider, practice group, the location of service, modality, and payor to name a few. In all cases, the data provides visibility into trends and allows historical comparisons. The data can be exported from any screen or view. Email or call us on 877 501-1611 to learn more.