Office Based Physicians Billing

Does your practice collect every dollar it is owed? Is information to manage your practice readily available? If not, AdvantEdge can help. We are medical billing experts helping practices just like yours:

  • Increase collections by 5%, 10% and more.
  • Reduce Days in A/R by seven days, ten days, and more.
  • Gain visibility and control over financial trends.

In the Midst of a Labor Shortage, Is Your In-house Billing Operation Still Performing?

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Your office locations and staff are essential to an efficient and effective practice. But inefficiencies can also constrain your efficiency—and profits. This is particularly true in your “back office” where billing and accounts receivable work is essential to cashflow but requires constant management attention and skilled staff. The more complex your environment, the more likely that your billing solution is performing poorly—or costing you a fortune.  At AdvantEdge, our focus for your practice is: More Money, Faster.

Bottom-line results for office-based practices

AdvantEdge serves many office-based physicians and practices. Each has experienced substantial increases in collections and reductions in Accounts Receivable, with improved information and control. Email or call us today on 877 501-1611 for more information.

Physician Billing Services from AdvantEdge (“Revenue Cycle Management”)

Powerful technology and skilled staff means we do the heavy lifting. The suite of services available to you includes coding, demographic and charge entry, claims editing, claims submission and analysis, payment posting, denial management, A/R management, comprehensive reporting and online AdvantEdge Analytics. You get:

  • Improved collections
  • Reduced Days in Accounts Receivable
  • Better insight into the cost of care and how to negotiate future contracts
  • ClientFirst service