Medical Billing Services

AdvantEdge offers your group practice or hospital comprehensive medical billing services including telemedicine billing services. Our entire company is focused on achieving superior results for clients including ClientFirst service and fully transparent operations.

Superior Medical Billing Results

Every medical billing service and operation is first measured by its results. At AdvantEdge, we take pride in net collections rates in the mid and upper 90’s, Days in A/R in the low to mid 30’s and, most importantly, consistent client cash flow. We deliver these results every day and every month because we use the industry’s best medical billing software operated by skilled billing experts with years of knowledge about insurance company regulations, requirements and nuances. In addition, we tailor our workflow to each client’s needs. This assures that information is captured quickly and efficiently which leads to faster cashflow.

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ClientFirst Service

Of course, strong financial performance is not sufficient for your practice or hospital. You also need to easily find the information needed to run the group, much of which is derived from the billing process. For that reason, our custom workflows include exactly the reports and other information required by your group. Our Client Managers are available at any time to answer questions and provide additional analysis and insight. Every client has access to the AdvantEdge Analytics (A2) dashboard with current results, drill downs and more. From a distance, the medical billing process may seem straightforward. But experienced physicians and administrators know better. For that reason, only a highly experienced in house billing staff and technology or a highly professional billing company can deliver the results demanded by today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Medical Billing Services

The comprehensive AdvantEdge medical and telemedicine billing services include:

  • Demographic, charge and dictated report interfaces for comprehensive information capture.
  • Monthly charge and accession reconciliation.
  • Procedure and diagnosis coding by certified coders.
  • Claims scrubbing.
  • Immediate filing of clean claims.
  • Rapid feedback on documentation questions and suggestions.
  • Payment and EOB posting.
  • Accounts receivable management.
  • Denial management and reporting.
  • Expected payment system (to monitor and follow-up on payor underpayments).
  • Patient billing and statement processing.
  • Web portal for patients.
  • Accounts receivable management and follow-up.
  • Referral to collections agency and posting of collections received.
  • A formal refund process.
  • Comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the InfoEdge dashboard and all reports, including ad-hoc reports (web-based).
  • Payor enrollment (credentialing) services.
  • Managed care contracting services.
  • Formal, comprehensive compliance program.
  • Regular physician education on documentation and related matters.
  • ClientFirstsm client management and support.

Contact us today to learn how AdvantEdge medical billing services can improve your financial results with better service and improved information: 877 501-1611 or