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About AdvantEdge Healthcare

A National Medical Billing Company

One of the top national medical billing companies, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions proudly serves physician groups, hospitals, surgery centers, and behavioral health agencies. AdvantEdge customers enjoy increased net collections, reductions in Accounts Receivable, and Client First service. And they have complete access to financial and other information anytime, anywhere with AdvantEdge Analytics.


AdvantEdge is unique because the medical billing company both develops and uses medical billing technology. Hands-on billing experience is reflected immediately in AdvantEdge software, using highly reliable IBM Systems technology. Clients automatically get a rapid response to industry changes and AdvantEdge staff has the tools to deal with each client’s specific needs.

AdvantEdge Medical Billing Expertise

Early experience with complex hospital-based radiology practices led to expertise in linking hospital systems and medical billing software. By working closely with these radiology practices, RIS and other radiology report sources were also linked. Today, AdvantEdge is able to code directly from radiology, cardiology, and pathology reports using a combination of artificial intelligence and workflow technologies. This is just one example of how the medical billing company grew by using high-tech solutions to drive billing productivity.

Next, AdvantEdge enhanced its technology and workflow to meet the specific, and demanding, needs of anesthesia practices. The unique requirements for time, units, and concurrency were incorporated into a powerful anesthesia module and workflow that dramatically improves collections performance versus other anesthesia systems. In addition, AdvantEdge ProductionEdge technology was incorporated, allowing paper anesthesia records and face sheets to be captured quickly, avoiding delays and speeding cash flow.

AdvantEdge Medical Billing Technology

At AdvantEdge, the unique combination of deep and current medical billing experience with the latest in billing technology has led to the best in medical billing services for physicians, hospitals, ASCs, and behavioral health agencies.

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