Coding Services for Hospitals

Hospitals who employ and/or are affiliated with physician groups often perform day-to-day coding activities or periodically review the coding done by physicians or other providers. Often, the same coding staff works both hospital (technical) and physician (professional) coding. With enough training and staff, this can be an effective process. However, the physician component often has insufficient resources or is done by staff without adequate training in professional coding.

In these cases, hospitals turn to AdvantEdge coding services to assure that all physician and related coding is done well and done timely. This significantly reduces compliance risks, speeds cash flow and can improve revenue due to better documentation feedback for physicians and other providers.

AdvantEdge coders are all certified, trained on a regular basis and have access to the latest coding technology and resources. Coders are specialty specific including, among others, anesthesia, diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, pathology, cardiology and emergency medicine. The AdvantEdge coding team has individuals dedicated to each hospital plus backup personnel during vacation or illness.

In cases where the hospital has sufficient resources to perform physician coding work in  house, coding can occasionally become delayed due to unusually high patient volume and/or coding staff turnover, vacations, etc. In these situations, AdvantEdge coders are available on a project basis to remove the bottleneck. Similarly, the AdvantEdge coding team is available to assist with coding reviews, audits and training.

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