ASC Coding and Billing

Surgery Center Billing and Coding Services

AdvantEdge the Surgery Center Billing Company

Whether you currently employ a medical billing company or are considering doing so, AdvantEdge billing services (“revenue cycle management”) must be considered. Our clients routinely see ten to forty-plus percent increases in collections and ten to fourteen day reductions in Days Outstanding in Accounts Receivable.

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Note: some refer to these services as “outsourced” medical billing, which is technically correct (see Medical Billing Performance). However, outsourced medical billing frequently implies much of the work is done by a sub-contracted offshore company. Rest assured that all AdvantEdge work is done by AdvantEdge employees.

AdvantEdge ASC Billing Services

AdvantEdge handles all of the “back office” functions. We enter claims, apply payer edits, monitor for compliance, submit claims to all payers, post payments and denials, submit secondary claims, resolve denials and under-payments, and manage all A/R functions.

Accurate coding and charge capture

AdvantEdge surgery center billing experts access your ASC operations system (we can even provide the system if you need one) and reconcile operative reports with the center schedule. The reports are then coded by CPC-certified coders specialized in the nuances of ASC coding. Within 24 hours, your cases have been coded and filed electronically with the appropriate payer. Questions about operative reports are rapidly resolved with your clinical staff so that billing is not delayed. The coders and our other billing experts are also alert for compliance risks and provide regular feedback on potential issues. It is important to note that less skilled coders frequently omit codes or modifiers that are important for certain carriers. Or they may miss ancillary items, such as supplies. In either case, legitimate revenue for the center is not being collected.

ClientFirst service for your ASC

AdvantEdge staff is highly trained, certificated, and ready to meet your specific needs. We know that each surgery center and each specialty has unique requirements. These are reflected in our personalized service. Your surgery center needs and deserves more than another vendor: we strive every day to be an effective business partner. This means regular communications, listening and responding to your questions and concerns, and putting your priorities first.

Rapid and effective implementation

When you and your board entrust AdvantEdge to provide your billing services, we know you will be concerned about cashflow impacts during transition.

For that reason, we employ a rigorous implementation process covering each detail. An early step is agreement on a practical cutover date. Later steps test each of the billing steps to make sure they work before cutover. Meetings and calls keep you and your staff informed throughout the process. Call us today at 877.501.1611 or email for more information.

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