Hospital-Based Billing

Hospital-based Behavioral Health Billing

Behavioral health services are delivered in a wide variety of settings including hospital in-patient environments. Increasingly, these services are in general hospital settings where mental health or substance abuse issues are being treated along side other medical issues. This means a wide variety of providers dealing with both physical and behavioral health. As coordinated care initiatives continue to expand, most observers expect to see more and more situations of this type. While this trend is good for patients, it does complicate the billing process since few billers are experienced in both behavioral health billing and physical health billing.

AdvantEdge is one of the few exceptions with over 20 years of behavioral health billing experience and over 40 years of experience billing for a wide variety of physicians in hospital environments. This means that AdvantEdge can deal effectively with the complexity of hospital systems, knows the many stakeholders that need information, and is experienced with payor requirements for in-patient services.

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