Billing Software

Behavioral Health Billing Software

AdvantEdge has been providing practice management software for behavioral healthcare companies for over 30 years. This Behavioral Health billing software is an ever changing and evolving product used by a large number of agencies. The software supports industry-leading collection rates because we are not only the software developer, but also the largest user.

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The AdvantEdge Behavioral Health billing software is called ARPlus. It provides a number of benefits:

  • Current with all regulatory and payor standards. When you hire us to do your billing, you get a team of experts who do nothing but Behavioral Health billing every day. As a result, we know what payors expect and when things change. The same is true for governmental regulations. If you purchase our software, payor updates are included in your annual maintenance agreement.
  • No hassles or extra costs. When we do the billing on your behalf, we maintain your system. No updates to load. No systems or servers to maintain. Your ARPlus system resides at a fully secure, off site, co-location facility with 99.9% up time; all you need is an Internet connection (we provide the HIPAA security protocols).
  • Extensive, flexible reporting: over 200 templates in an extensive billing report generator. And download reports to Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, XML, etc.)
  • Online dashboards for our billing customers. The InfoEdge dashboard contains key performance indicators (KPI) anytime, anywhere.
  • Registration / Intake / Scheduling / ePrescribing – use ARPlus to register clients and/or use the interoperability module to import client information from your EMR. The built-in Resource Based Scheduler has the tools to match client intakes to clinician schedules based upon their availability, specialty, licensure and credentials. Billing checks can be performed on scheduled services making the clinicians aware of authorization and/or other billing criteria, as necessary. With our export capabilities, client registrations can be sent to your ePrescribing solution.
  • EDI / e-claims –HIPAA 837 Professional and Institutional file formats; submitted to your payers according to their submission guidelines.
  • Follow-up / patient billing / claims management / AR – Our expert staff performs all follow-up and AR activities. Information is updated on a daily basis and is stored in ARPlus for easy, transparent viewing by your staff.
  • Transition management. We have done many data conversions, from a variety of systems to speed the start-up of a more effective billing process.

Behavioral Health EMRs and Interoperability

With ARPlus, you have an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated billing software package that can be integrated with the electronic medical record of your choosing. One of problems of using an “all in one” package is that typically one aspect of the software is stronger than the other. Our solution to this problem is an Interoperability Module which allows you to choose the EMR which best fits your organization and integrate it with ARPlus.

With our interoperability module, there is no “redundant data entry.” Scheduled appointments can be made in either ARPlus or your EMR and the information flows back and forth between systems. Clinicians can enter their progress notes into the EMR and a bill can be generated by ARPlus from that note.

This “best of breed” approach means you have clinical EMR capabilities tailored to your practice and the most powerful billing capabilities.