Multi Specialty Billing Company

 AdvantEdge Delivers Superior Multi-specialty Billing Results

Most multi-specialty billing companies employ the basic medical billing steps:

  • Charge capture/entry
  • Claims filing
  • Payment posting
  • Reporting


Most multi-specialty billing companies also perform some Accounts Receivable work. At AdvantEdge, we go much, much further with results that surpass other multi-specialty billing companies.  At AdvantEdge:

  1. Comprehensive EMR, ECC and hospital interfaces not only collect multi-specialty charge information quickly, they have built-in error correction and reconciliation processes to assure that every performed service  is billed.
  2. AdvantEdge certified coders are available where you need them to code or to assist with coding reviews and education.
  3. Sophisticated claim edits ensure that only clean claims are submitted to payors. At AdvantEdge, 99% of all claims filed are accepted by payors.
  4. Along with payments, all EOB information is posted, including denial information.
  5. Secondary claims are filed automatically as soon as the primary payment is posted.
  6. If a patient balance exists after insurance payment, a statement is immediately issued.
  7. Patients can remit payment through an online portal, phone or mail with multiple payment types available: credit card, check, e-check, etc.
  8. Denials are processed immediately by the appropriate multi-speciality specialist, based on the type of denial.
  9. Underpayments are identified and processed by an insurance specialist.
  10. Delays in payment from insurers or patients are reviewed and handled by A/R follow-up experts.
  11. All multi-specialty billing work is visible to clients on a daily basis.
  12. Full reporting and analysis is provided monthly and, where requested, on a daily and/or weekly basis.
  13. The AdvantEdge Client Manager is an extension of your multi-specialty practice or hospital and is available at any time to answer questions and to provide additional information on the full range of multi-specialty billing, coding and business intelligence.
  14. We provide the full spectrum of multi-specialty practice management services, beginning with enrollment (credentialing) and contract negotiations. Plus, as required, some or all HR, accounting and financial support.


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