As we all know, medical billing and coding evolve every day. Here we highlight recent items of interest for medical billing, practice management and proper reimbursement for physicians, ASCs, behavioral health agencies and hospitals.

Newsletters items

Date Title
September 12 2018 AMA Releases 2019 Coding Changes
September 12 2018 CMS Proposes to Expand Telehealth Reimbursement Among Some ACOs
September 12 2018 CMS Issues Guidance on Auto Enrollment of Medicaid Managed Care Members into D-SNP
September 12 2018 CMS Releases First Performance Year Evaluation of Next Gen ACO Model
September 12 2018 New Jersey Medicaid MCO Benefit Plan Changes Delayed
September 12 2018 Pennsylvania Provides Electronic Visit Verification Update
September 12 2018 Virginia Begins Transition towards E-Prescribing Opioid Mandate
August 29 2018 Deadline to Apply for MAQI Demonstration: September 6
August 29 2018 Anthem BCBS Billing Colonoscopy and Related Anesthesia Services
August 29 2018 Aetna Clinical Payment and Coding Policy Changes
August 29 2018 Anthem BCBS Medical Policy and Clinical Guideline Updates
August 29 2018 Cigna Clinical, Reimbursement, Administrative and Preventive Care Services Policy Updates
August 29 2018 Humana New and Revised Pharmacy and Medical Coverage Policies Available
August 29 2018 UnitedHealthcare Coordinated Reimbursement Policy Updates
August 29 2018 Massachusetts Neighborhood Health Plan to Rebrand
August 29 2018 New Jersey Receives Federal Approval, Funds for Individual Health Plan Reinsurance Program
August 29 2018 New Jersey Medicaid Helps Providers Prepare for MMIS Conversion
August 29 2018 New York Health Insurance Rate Changes Approved
August 29 2018 Ohio Transitioning Medicaid PBM Contracts to Transparent Pricing Model
July 25 2018 Rhode Island Expands Medicaid Coverage for Hepatitis C

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