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Aetna: Payment Reduction for X-Rays Using Film

Applicable to the technical component, claims billed with modifier FX to indicate X-ray imaging services were provided using film reduces will be subject to a 20% reduction.

Humana to Exit ACA Exchanges by 2018

Humana has announced its plans to cease sales of individual health insurance plans through the ACA’s exchanges by 2018, potentially leaving more than 150,000 customers without a carrier.

Judge Denies Aetna-Humana Merger

A federal judge ruled against Aetna’s proposed acquisition of Humana, maintaining the Justice Department’s decision that the multi-billion deal would be anticompetitive and raise prices for consumers.

ME – Citizens Respond to State’s Denial of Medicaid Expansion

The only northeastern state not to choose Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Maine will be one of five of the original 23 ACA-created co-ops that will continue into 2017. In response and in hopes of in hopes of extending coverage to 70,000 residents, residents are petitioning to put a proposal to expand the ME Medicaid program before the Legislature.

Aetna Updates 99285 Edits

Effective December 1, Aetna will update its ER level of care policy for CPT code 99285 will downcode 99285 used with a designated minor diagnosis code.

Aetna Updates OB/GYN Tubal Implant Policy

Effective September 1, Aetna will update its OB/GYN policy for placement of permanent, hysteroscopically placed tubal implant devices intended for female sterilization on the same date of service as an endometrial ablation.

Aetna Leaving Many State Exchanges

Aetna has announced it will narrow its individual public exchange participation from 778 to 242 counties next year. It will continue to offer off-exchange plans for most of the counties and will maintain an on-exchange presence in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and Virginia.