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WI – Report Shows 95% Covered As 2017 Enrollment Surges

A recent analysis by the University of Wisconsin Applied Population Laboratory showed that 94.3% of the state’s population had health insurance in 2015. Ranking seventh in percentage of residents covered across all states. According to HHS Regional Director Kathleen Falk, within the first month of 2017 open enrollment approximately 66,000 people in Wisconsin signed up for plans.

ME – Citizens Respond to State’s Denial of Medicaid Expansion

The only northeastern state not to choose Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Maine will be one of five of the original 23 ACA-created co-ops that will continue into 2017. In response and in hopes of in hopes of extending coverage to 70,000 residents, residents are petitioning to put a proposal to expand the ME Medicaid program before the Legislature.

Anthem BCBS’s Integrated Care Certification Rewards Providers

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans have become the first health plans to offer providers incentives for getting integrated care certification (ICC) from the Joint Commission. The ICC will help Anthem in 14 states meet its care coordination measure under its Quality-In-Sights hospital incentive program, its performance-based reimbursement program for hospitals.