Why AdvantEdge?

Your practice, department and hospital face many challenges to get fully reimbursed for the critical work you do every day. Insurance reimbursement, both government and private, becomes more complex and time-consuming every day. At the same time, patient balances are expanding rapidly.

AdvantEdge meets these challenges for you with comprehensive medical billing services and revenue cycle management which remove technology, administrative, and cost burdens while assuring that revenue is maximized, consistent with government and payor rules and regulations.

The AdvantEdge Promise to each customer is:

  • More Money, Faster
  • Information Anytime, Anywhere
  • Privacy and Security
  • ClientFirst Service.

We know that medical billing company solutions can sound similar. The difference at AdvantEdge is that you can count on all of these at the same time. That is, superior cash collections and great service and compliance and the best reporting and analytics.

You can count on this unique combination because AdvantEdge is large enough to have a critical mass of technology, expertise and staff but small enough to couple them with personalized and customized solutions and service.


 Revenue Cycle Management Plus

However, in the evolving healthcare world, traditional medical billing and coding are no longer enough. Today, both government and private payers tie reimbursement to quality measures such as PQRS and this trend continues to expand. ACO’s are one example but every group, department and hospital now needs ways to link their medical billing with quality, outcomes and cost measures.

AdvantEdge customers can count on “future proof” physician billing solutions that incorporate the best of today’s revenue cycle management plus the ability to integrate it with other information both today and tomorrow.

Medical Billing Technology

AdvantEdge started as a technology-based company and that foundation continues. You can count on expertise to connect with all leading EMR, hospital, lab and radiology systems. Even the expertise to bill on your EMR if you choose that option. At the same time, our leading analytics mean that you see “anytime, anywhere” exactly how we are doing on your behalf, i.e. everything is transparent.

Just as important, you have access to leading analytics and business intelligence (BI) capabilities that allow unlimited access to billing information but also provide the ability to integrate with other information including quality measures, facility utilization and much more.

Medical Billing Expertise

The entire AdvantEdge team looks forward to partnering with you to deliver superior billing results and all aspects of the AdvantEdge promise. The team averages ten years of physician billing experience and has specialized expertise in all dimensions of revenue cycle management. Everyone is current on compliance, regulatory updates, procedure and diagnosis code changes, etc. through LearningEdge, an online library of training. Clients get regular industry updates with two monthly newsletters and a quarterly magazine.

Please contact us now to see how we can help you improve billing, analytics and compliance. Call 877.501.1611 or email: info@ahsrcmstg.wpengine.com.