Medical Billing Service

In the medical billing and revenue cycle management world, everyone knows that performance (i.e. cash and speed of cash flow) is paramount. At the same time, strong performance is not enough. At AdvantEdge, we refer to this as “performance and service,” emphasizing that both are essential. As a result, the AdvantEdge promise to clients encompasses ClientFirst service: we strive to view issues and information through your “lens.”  In other words, every day we try to deliver the service, information and results that we would want if we were “in your shoes.”

ClientFirst service starts with your AdvantEdge Client Manager (account manager) whose role is to understand, and respond to, your specific needs. He or she serves as your advocate with the entire AdvantEdge team, responds to your questions, meets with you on a regular basis and is always available via phone, email and cell. At the same time, an entire team is focused on your practice or hospital every day: coding, charge entry, payment posting, A/R followup, practice management and IT.  In addition, the AdvantEdge executive team not only oversees the operations but is readily available to meet, answer questions and respond to your needs.

A key philosophy that underlies ClientFirst service is that of a partnership: i.e. AdvantEdge strives to be more than a vendor, our objective is to be a valued business partner. Over the years, we have observed that a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding leads to superior results–for both parties. It is this cooperative, “win-win” approach that underpins ClientFirst service.

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