Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Medical Billing

Why AI Technologies are a Fit for Medical Billing Companies

WARREN, NJ – July 27, 2021: AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (“AdvantEdge”), a leading national medical billing company with comprehensive, coding, practice management and revenue cycle management services, today released a Special Report about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the medical billing landscape.

Three highlights from the report offer an inside view about how AI and ML are impacting medical billing and how these technologies allow healthcare providers to ensure all billing – and the entire revenue cycle management process –  is handled efficiently, accurately, and in a timely manner.

  1. AI is A-OK: The tremendous amounts of information captured every day from hospital information systems, clinical platforms, and patient accounting systems leaves a large margin for error. Inconsistencies and incorrect information can be efficiently and expediently addressed by automating certain processes using artificial intelligence. 
  1. A Matter of Time: Patients should be able to interact with chatbots around the clock to resolve a variety of issues, allowing customer service representatives to handle more complex issues that cannot be more simply resolved.
  1. Meet Machine Learning: A subset of AI, ML possesses the ability to automatically learn and build on prior knowledge – without explicit programming. ML can handle a wide range of billing discrepancies and payer behaviors that would be nearly impossible to address otherwise. 

Click here to read this Special Report in its entirety. 

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