AdvantEdge Shares Outlook for 2022

Key Trends in Legislation, Workforce Shortages, Cybersecurity and More Will Impact the Future of Medical Billing

WARREN, NJ – March 23, 2022  – AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (“AdvantEdge”), a leading national medical billing company with comprehensive coding, practice management and revenue cycle management services, announced today its newest white paper, “How Healthcare Trends in 2021 Will Impact The Future of Medical Billing”. 

Capturing insights from AdvantEdge and Health Prime executives, the white paper provides actionable insight into the major healthcare trends and issues of 2021 that will shape decision making across the healthcare industry in 2022. 

Below are key highlights from the white paper that reflects updates made:

  • As a result of the No Surprises Act, physicians and hospitals may face much tougher contract negotiations, especially in cases where current contract rates are favorable to providers. Since the No Surprises Act has yet to be tested, time will tell precisely how this legislation play.
  • Mobility has become a massive and irreversible trend so – if applicable to their position – readers should consider offering employees the ability to work remotely to enhance a better work/life balance. Also consider remote opportunities, allowing you to open up your talent pool outside your geographic location, as well as being able to contract out administrative tasks like accounting, payroll, coding, billing, and more. 
  • It’s essential for companies to have dedicated team members with cybersecurity expertise who can educate employees; invest in the most current and sophisticated specialized software and technology; and make sure third-party vendors take IT Security and HIPAA compliance seriously and, in the best-case scenario, are also SOC2 and/or HITRUST certified. 
  • Although telehealth will continue to be a go-to for many patients, on-site clinics will also play an increasingly important role in the mix. The ability for providers to bill across state lines to give patients more access to healthcare is also a priority. Medical billing companies must be proactive, utilize specialized and sophisticated technology and remain up to date on ever-evolving regulations and compliance changes to best serve the billing needs of providers – and their patients. Companies must continue to be prepared for the unexpected – and have all the necessary resources in place to act with ease and speed. 

There are many elements that will be changing the medical billing landscape in 2022 based on the actions and initiatives of the previous year. Learn more about how Health Prime and AdvantEdge executives perceive the future of the healthcare landscape, and how that will directly impact medical billing needs. Download our “How Healthcare Trends in 2021 Will Impact the Future of Medical Billing” white paper for more. 

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