Top 5 Medical Billing Posts of 2021

At the end of an eventful year, we look back at the stories that mattered most to you. Here are links – and a short summary of each blog in AdvantEdge’s Top 5 Medical Billing Posts of 2021. 

1. “Treating” Your Patients with CareOver the last decade, the payer mix has shifted dramatically towards patients, to the point that medical bills are nowa financial burden for a large number of patients. At the same time, the end goal is for providers to collect all money due for services rendered. In this post, we describe how AdvantEdge meets people where they are with compassion and empathy to help them meet their financial responsibilities with dignity and respect.  AdvantEdge accomplishes this through empathetic representatives, billing visibility, a variety of payment methods, and more. Catch up on how AdvantEdge’s philosophy translates into dollars for its clients.

2. 5 Coding Compliance Questions for Medical Billing Companies A medical billing company must have deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge about coding compliance to ensure that providers collect all money due for services rendered. You want to be sure your medical billing company has the resources to provide ongoing quality coding input and feedback; stays abreast of coding changes; quickly shares these changes with providers; offers customized support to clients introducing new services and procedures into their practices; and gives new clients assistance with prior coding concerns. AdvantEdge shines over the competition with proprietary software customized to meet the needs of every provider; leading-edge technology promoting accuracy and efficiency – and a skilled team of seasoned coders who are all certified with deep knowledge in your specialty(ies).

3. Is the Labor Shortage Hurting Your Billing Today? Tomorrow? – The ongoing labor shortage has lasted much longer than anyone anticipated –  and shows no signs of slowing down. Therefore, if you bill in-house, now is the time to consider the benefits of partnering with a leading medical billing company.  Recruiting delays, sick days, vacations, etc. led to collections delays in 2021 for many practices. At the same time, costs increased rapidly for in-house billing operations.With AdvantEdge, the fixed expenses of in-house billing are replaced with variable costs and you are supported every day by a large team of billing experts.

4. 5 Technology Questions for Medical Billing Companies – Whether you’re already partnering with a billing company or are looking to take on a new partnership, there are many details to consider to make sure you are truly optimizing billing outcomes. Examples include  workflow automation and catching discrepancies before they create issues. The ability to tailor workflows and technology to your unique circumstances is also essential. The accomplished team of AdvantEdge specialists uses powerful technology to ensure that your billing runs smoothly and efficiently – with the flexibility to make sure that your specific medical billing and coding needs are met. 

5. Fixing Holes in Your Physician Billing – Our billing experts take care of  “fixing holes” in your medical billing process, so you have more time to focus on clinical matters. Coding is just one of the complex factors that may cause gaps in your billing. Other factors include incomplete documentation; outdated contract rates;  outdated automation; and much more. Since many of these errors are preventable, AdvantEdge’s specialists are quick to detect  issues, conduct the necessary research, and make corrections on the front end to prevent issues from reoccurring. Along with understanding the importance of automation, our expert team also appreciates the value of good communication and collaboration with both clients and with each other to realize the best possible outcomes for providers.


We hope the information in AdvantEdge’s Top Five Medical Billing Posts of 2021 helps  your practice optimize and improve medical billing in 2022. To learn more, contact us at 877-501-1611, or online. Also, visit our LinkedIn page.