Reminder: Quarterly Reports Delayed on PPP/HHS Funds

If you received PPP funds or HHS Relief Funds in excess of $150,000 (per TIN), you are required to file a quarterly report to HHS. The initial quarterly reports would have been due by July 10, 2020. However, HHS delayed the quarterly reporting requirement.

HHS stated it is still working on a report containing all the necessary information required to comply with the reporting requirements. HHS will notify providers that attested to the funds of due dates and reports needed in a few weeks.

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  • If any TIN receives more than $150,000 in the aggregate from both the Relief Funds and any other stature authorizing funds due to COVID-19 (ex: PPP loans), the entity must submit quarterly reports to HHS and the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.
Where and how to submit the report
What information is needed
  • The total amount of funds received that were expended
  • List of activities for which covered funds
  • Estimated number of jobs retained
  • New projects created as a result of receiving the funds

The information requested is likely to change once HHS releases its updated guidance.

Going forward

Sources: HHS Gov