Ohio Study Says Proposed Medicaid Eligibility Requirements to Cost $378M

March 2018 ~

A recent analysis by the Center for Community Solutions finds that Ohio’s proposed Medicaid eligibility requirements would cost the state hundreds of millions in added administrative costs for county governments.

The proposed eligibility requirements would require that in order to receive benefits, Medicaid recipients either work or participate in approved community engagement activities – with exception for those 50 years or older, those who are physically or mentally unfit for employment and more.

In their analysis, Community Solutions estimates that, if the proposal is passed, Cuyahoga County would incur the largest cost in the state at more than $10.8 million over a five-year period. Summit County nearly is estimated to incur approximately $3.9 million in costs.

The center estimates that county governments would see a cost of $380 million over a five-year period for needing to provide new case management services to more than 200,000 enrollees.



Source(s): Crain’s Cleveland Business; Center for Community Solutions;