Ohio – Lawmakers Approve Quarterly Medicaid Eligibility Verification

January 2019 ~

The state of Ohio has passed legislation that will require the state to verify the eligibility of Medicaid and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients every quarter as opposed to annually.

Following its approval from the House and Senate, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 119 into law on December 19.

Currently, the state determines eligibility and annually verifies data of people applying for or receiving SNAP and Ohio Medicaid. Under HB 119, the state will now be required to verify eligibility each quarter and individuals on SNAP will be required to supply certain information such as citizenship or alien status, Medical bills and disability status.

Additionally, the bill allows the state to provide the same oversight of Medicaid recipients.

Advocates of HB 119 say this will help administrators uncover fraud quickly, adding that recipients won’t even be affected unless red flags pop up. While opponents say the bill will result in additional work that could lead to more errors by administrators.

HB 119 is currently scheduled to take effect in March 2019.

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