NY – Department of Health Launches Value Based Payment Learning Resources

September 2017 ~

The New York Department of Health has launched an on-line learning program: VBP University as an educational resource designed to raise awareness, knowledge and expertise in the move to Value Based Payment (VBP). The program combines informational videos and supplemental materials that look at the state’s VBP Roadmap and its requirements for addressing social determinants of health (SDH).

VBP University consists of four semesters, and individuals who successfully complete all four semesters will be awarded a certificate of completion. Semester 1 provided background information, while Semester 2 focuses on specific topic areas in the move to VBP: governance, stakeholder engagement, business strategy, finance, and data.

Additionally, the Department of Health has made available a slide presentation and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the VBP Innovator Program. The VBP Innovator Program applies to experienced VBP providers interested in engaging in full or near full risk VBP arrangements with managed care plans.

Applications are being evaluated based on five criteria:

  1. A commitment to contracting for a high or full risk VBP;
  2. Upholding health plan network adequacy;
  3. Past success in VBP contracting;
  4. The ability to meet minimum attribution thresholds; and
  5. Financial solvency and appropriate net worth.

Designated Innovators will engage with their contracted health plans to amend or develop new contracts to reflect the additional functions and risk the Innovator takes on in conjunction with 90-95% of premium pass through.


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