Medical Billing News – September 2021




5 Coding Compliance Questions for Medical Billing Companies

Do you want to collect every dollar owed to your practice or facility? Coding compliance and education both play a critical role. Read our 5 questions to see if your current coding solution is effective. When it comes to medical coding, what you don’t know can hurt your bottom line! Read More

Healthcare Roundup

Medicare | 2 min read

Your Bottom Line at Risk: 10% Cut to 2022 Physician Reimbursement

Without intervention from Congress, all physicians will see an across the board 9.75% cut to 2022 Medicare rates vs. 2021. Plus RVU changes and more. Read More

Radiology | 2 min read

2022 Radiology Billing Changes

There are many forces pulling and pushing on 2022 radiology reimbursement and it’s hard to keep track. Here are the ones we know about today. Read More

PRF | 2 min read

Provider Relief Fund: Reporting Overdue + New Funding Announced

The due date for PRF Period 1 funds to be reported has just been extended. Review key dates for upcoming Periods, and learn more about the additional $25.5B that just opened up “to offset revenue loss and higher expenses due to the pandemic.” Read More

Telehealth | 1 min read

The Future May Not be So Bright for Telehealth

The pandemic caused telehealth services to skyrocket, but as we start to come out of it are these services here to stay? Read our roundup of what the industry is saying. Read More

Lessons Learned: COVID’s Impact on Your Medical Billing

Have you thought about the need to consider the “lessons learned” from COVID? Download our NEW business brief to understand key elements your practice should consider as we shift (hopefully!) to a post-COVID world.


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