Medical Billing News – March 2022




Five Ways Technology is Changing the Medical Billing Landscape

Medical billing professionals are taking advantage of tools and solutions that are positively impacting RCM in order to improve their clients’ bottom line. As more and more practices are putting dollars behind modernizing their infrastructure, read five ways technology is changing the medical billing landscape.   Read More

Healthcare Roundup

Workplace Trends | 2 min read

Hospital vs Private Practice – A Shifting Trend for Physicians

More and more young physicians and medical professionals are shifting towards private practice and away from larger hospitals and institutions. Is this shift towards private practice independence here to stay, or just a trend? Read More

Healthcare Tech | 2 min read

Healthcare Tech Adoption is Key to Improving Cashflow and Enhancing Patient Experience

Adopting technology is essential in every industry, especially healthcare. Learn why providers and staff need to embrace new digital technology to help them keep up with the pressing needs of hospitals and health systems. Read More

Talent Shortage | 2 min read

High Housing Costs Add to the Healthcare Labor Shortage

Hospitals and medical practices continue struggling to fill job vacancies in this tight labor market. It’s been reported that, during the hiring process, some healthcare workers didn’t take the job due to high housing costs. Read More

Radiology | 1 min read

Medscape Survey: Burnout High Amongst Radiologists

A recent Medscape survey found that nearly half percent (49%) of radiologists are feeling burned out and cited a “lack of respect” from other industry professionals. Read More

In-house vs Medical Billing Company

In a Covid/post-Covid world, does in-house billing still work for your practice. Download our white paper to compare performance, costs, and security.


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