Medical Billing News – June 2021




Is the Labor Shortage Hurting Your Billing Today? Tomorrow?

Is your practice having trouble hiring due to the labor shortage? Is this already impacting your billing needs, or will it in the near future? Medical practices have two billing options: partnering with a medical billing company or supporting an in-house billing department—where costs are increasing every day. The right option for you depends on both effectiveness (measured by performance) and efficiency (measured by costs). Check out our most recent blog post for more. Read more

Healthcare Roundup

COVID-19 | 1 min read

New OSHA COVID-19 Rules for ALL Healthcare

New U.S. Labor Department COVID-19 workplace safety rules go into effect July 6. Among other requirements, they mandate that employers provide PPE, paid time off to get vaccinated and to recover from side effects and more. Read More

CMS | 2 min read

Pandemic Swells Medicaid and ACA Enrollment, a ‘High-Water Mark’

According to a recent report, Medicaid enrollment grew from 71M in February 2020 to over 80M in January 2021. In addition, ACA marketplace plans have added a million enrollees since February, now covering over 12M. Read More

Telehealth | 1 min read

Americans Want Telehealth to Stay

U.S. health industry leaders and patient advocates, notably HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, are pushing Congress and the Biden administration to preserve the pandemic-fueled expansion of telehealth services. Read More

CMS | 1 min read

Healthcare Price Increases Slow, but Projected to Rise Next Year

While healthcare price increases have recently dropped to 2% (from 2.5%+ over the past year), a PwC report suggests that healthcare costs will increase by 6.5% in 2022 due to continued COVID-19 impacts on spending. Read More

AdvantEdge News | 1 min read

AdvantEdge Wins Bid to Provide EMS Billing Services to Carroll County, MD

Read more about our new client, Carroll County, MD, and how AdvantEdge will provide a full suite of services to standardize billing for their Fire/EMS department. Read More

In-house Medical Billing vs. Outsourced Revenue Cycle Management

Learn about the key factors in supporting an in-house medical billing department or using a medical billing company.


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