Medical Billing News – August 2021




5 Workflow Questions for Medical Billing Companies

For accurate medical coding, here are five technology-related questions to ask when assessing your medical billing department or your current/potential medical billing company. When it comes to medical coding, what you don’t ask about automated workflows and technology can hurt your bottom line! Read More

Healthcare Roundup

EFT | 2 min read

Are You Paying Too Much in EFT Fees?

Recent studies show that many practices are paying EFT fees they did not agree to, raising medical billing and payment costs. Are you paying too much?! Read More

Mental Health | 2 min read

Mental Health Parity in the News

While mental health parity often takes a back seat in behavioral health billing, recent news shows that it has not been forgotten. Read More

Healthcare | 2 min read

Healthcare Utilization Not Bouncing Back

Recent studies and data throw cold water on expectations that patients will “catch up” on missed treatment and tests. With the resurgence of COVID, this trend is likely to continue, impacting physician reimbursement.  Read More

CMS | 1 min read

Radiology Reimbursement Hit by 2022 MPFS Changes

Radiology reimbursement will be hit by proposed changes in the wages for clinical labor staff and by the elimination of important MIPS quality measures. Read More

COVID-19 | 1 min read

COVID Vaccine Shot Reimbursement Increased

CMS has updated Medicare Reimbursement for Covid vaccine shots including boosters to approx $40. Plus $35 for home administration. Read More

Lessons Learned: COVID’s Impact on Your Medical Billing

Have you thought about the need to consider the “lessons learned” from COVID? Download our NEW business brief to understand key elements your practice should consider as we shift (hopefully!) to a post-COVID world.


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