Medical Billing News – April 2021




“Treating” Your Patients with Care

With high deductible plans proliferating, more and more consumers have to pay a large portion of their medical bills. Many of them find it increasingly difficult to meet their financial obligations. We describe how AdvantEdge works with patients so that they can resolve their bills with dignity and respect, enabling a consistent cash flow for providers. Read more

Healthcare Roundup

CMS | 1 min read

ACA Sign-ups Reach 500K / Fewer Uninsured

More than 500K Americans have signed up for the ACA, reducing the number of uninsured citizens. Read More

COVID-19 | 2 min read

Covid-19 Causes Sharp Decline in Cancer Screening

Deficits in breast and colorectal cancer screening exceed 25%; prostate cancer screening deficit exceeds 10%. Read More

Radiology | 1 min read

Radiology Groups Confidence Continues to Improve

Radiology professionals optimistic that operations will maintain or grow in the wake of COVID-19. Read More

CMS | 1 min read

Information Blocking Rules Now in Effect

Effective April 5, new rules require finalized electronic reports to be released to patients. Read More

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