Massachusetts – BCBSMA Adds Digital Health Solutions

January 2019 ~

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) has added two new digital health programs to its Emerging Solutions portfolio with a focus on focus on chronic back and joint pain and cancer care.

BCBSMA introduced Emerging Solutions in early 2019 to “find innovative digital solutions and advise employer customers on options to help improve their employees’ health and lower costs”. The insurer launched the portfolio with solutions for diabetes management (Livongo and Omada) and fertility, pregnancy and parenting (Ovia Health).

The two new Emerging Solutions which became available to self-insured accounts as of January 1:

Hinge Health treats musculoskeletal conditions as a preventive pain management program that helps adults manage chronic back and joint pain through a 12-week, coach-led, digital experience. It is available to self-insured accounts with 1,000-plus employees.

Robin Care provides patient and caregiver support for cancer care. It offers information on managing symptoms, improving care coordination and addressing costs. Robin Care is available to self-insured accounts with 500- plus subscribers.

“Our customers want to help their employees better manage chronic health conditions and maximize their well-being in new ways that are convenient and in the flow of their normal lives,” said Cathy Hartman, senior vice president of health engagement and product at Blue Cross. “Our Emerging Solutions portfolio is a way for us to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to the best digital health solutions. We can then serve as trusted advisors, helping our customers choose the best solutions to keep their employees healthy, productive and engaged.”

“We are honored to join Blue Cross’ Emerging Solutions portfolio – a critical program that provides digital tools to meet their customers’ needs,” said Robin Care CEO Hugh Ma. “We are committed to leveraging empathetic cancer experts and cutting-edge technology to deliver human-centered care for those affected by cancer.”

“Hinge Health is building the most patient-centered digital hospital – starting with musculoskeletal conditions,” said Hinge Health’s CEO Daniel Perez. “We’re partnering with innovators like Blue Cross to deliver our sensor-guided and coach-led programs to both improve health and significantly reduce surgery rates for employers.”

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