MA, RI – UnitedHealthcare’s New Service Model to Improve Customer Experience

February 2017 ~

UnitedHealthcare has announced its new pilot program, to launch this spring, focused on improving the overall experience of their members.

Members enrolled in Medicare Complete Choice Regional PPO plan R7444 residing in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont will have a dedicated customer service team ready to answer their questions specifically as they relate to this plan.

In late February/early March, members in the pilot will receive a letter that outlines the program and explains that when calling Member Services and inputting their membership information in the IVR, they will connect automatically to the new dedicated team of service professionals who are specifically trained to counsel on questions related to R7444.

According to UnitedHealthcare, the model provides end-to-end resolution for our members’ inquiries and has been well received over the past few years among a few large clients, with membership satisfaction scores averaging 2% higher than the standard service model.

For more information and complete program details, visit UnitedHealthcare.


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