Illinois Physician Group Oppose Proposed Changes to State’s Nurse Practice Act

July 2019 ~

Seven organizations representing Illinois physicians and dentists, called the Preserve the Anesthesia Care Team (PACT), are protesting the proposed Illinois House Bill 2813 (HB2813), that if passed, would allow Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) to administer anesthesia without the physical presence of a medical doctor or dentist.

According to a press release, released by PACT on June 13, HB2813 would “shatter the standard of team-based care by allowing CRNAs to administer anesthesia without supervision from a doctor”.

The group contends that “HB21813 implicates very serious matters with regards to patient care in Illinois”, referencing a letter written by the American College of Surgeons to state representatives in April of this year, “Removing physicians from providing medical expertise and supervision during the administration of anesthesia would place patients at a great risk.”

The release also references a 2018 report on “International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia” from the World Health Organization (WHO) which stated, “Wherever and whenever possible, anesthesia should be provided, led or overseen by an anesthesiologist… When anesthesia is provided by non-anesthesiologists, these providers should be directed and supervised by anesthesiologists.”

The bill has been sent back to the House Rules Committee and so was not voted on during the most recent legislative session, but PACT says it wants to be prepared when the next session opens. The group states it will begin a statewide public education campaign aimed at communicating the importance of team-based care and dispelling myths currently being disseminated by the IANA regarding access and cost.

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