Humana Anesthesia Modifiers for Anesthesia Services Code Edit

July 2017 ~

Humana has updated its policy concerning Anesthesia modifiers for anesthesia services to comply with the Illinois Medicaid Practitioner Handbook.

Per Humana Notification Number: 3052, the following update has been made to Anesthesia modifiers for anesthesia services:

  • Anesthesia Modifiers for Anesthesia Services
    • UPDATE: Anesthesia services are not reimbursable when billed without an appropriate physical status modifier.
    • Reason behind Change:
      • According to the Illinois Medicaid Practitioner Handbook, each charge for anesthesia services must be submitted with the appropriate physical status modifier.
    • Providers affected:
      • Inpatient/Outpatient Facilities
      • Physician/Health Care Providers
    • Impacted products
      • Medicaid – Illinois
    • Effective date: July 6, 2017


Source(S): Humana;