Humana and Tenet Agree on New Contract

June 2017 ~

Humana and Tenet have renegotiated and renewed a multiyear agreement to keep all of Tenet’s U.S. hospitals and outpatient centers in Humana’s coverage network. The companies had previously failed to reach an agreement which expired in October 2016 and resulted in many Humana members being unable to get covered care in Tenet facilities.

On May 1, Tenet announced that it had reached a new deal with Humana to allow Humana’s Medicare Advantage, commercial and individual exchange health plan members in-network access with effective dates ranging between June 1 and October 1, depending on each facility’s location.

Later, on June 1, Tenet announced it had amended the deal to bring all Tenant facilities and physicians into Humana’s coverage network, effective the same day.

Tenet operates 100 hospitals and 470 outpatient centers in 47 states across the U.S., according to the news release, that states going back into the Humana network of providers represents “the majority of the revenue that Tenet previously generated from Humana under its prior contractual relationship.”


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