HHS Delays Reporting Deadline for Provider Relief Funding

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has delayed the February 15th reporting deadline for Provide Relief Funding (PRF), with a new deadline to be decided. With many questions left unanswered, we outlined key information HHS has released to date.

Why is the reporting deadline delayed?
  • HHS is currently working on updating the PRF reporting requirements to be consistent with new laws. The goal is to give recipients ample time to familiarize themselves with the updated reporting requirements well in advance of required submission deadlines.
Is there anything PRF recipients need to do?
  • Although a new deadline was not set, HHS set up registration capability in the PRF reporting portal. HHS is encouraging all PRF recipients that have received aggregate PRF payments that exceed $10,000 to establish a reporting account by registering at the newly enabled PRF reporting website. If a provider receives less than $10,000 in PRF payments, they must not submit a report.
Does this affect the deadline for the second report due on July 31?
  • HHS has not referenced any changes to the second PRF reporting deadline on July 31 for PRF expenditures made in 2021. At the moment, the second deadline stands.
When can you expect an update?
  • HHS has not provided any additional information about a new deadline. According to HHS, they encourage everyone to monitor the website for further information regarding the due dates. AdvantEdge will be paying close attention and release information as announced. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on healthcare news AdvantEdge Newsletter.