FL – House Pulls Back from Medicaid Premiums Proposal

April 2017 ~

The Florida House has opted to back away from a wide-ranging Medicaid bill proposal that sought to require Medicaid beneficiaries to pay monthly premiums.

Florida’s HB 7117 included a proposal that would have directed the state Agency for Health Care Administration to seek federal approval to charge premiums of $10 or $15 a month, depending on the beneficiaries’ income levels.

Upon being heard on the House floor, lawmakers approved an amendment to eliminate the premiums proposal.

While the proposal for premiums was eliminated, the bill still incorporates the proposal that calls for seeking federal approval of work-related requirements for “able-bodied Medicaid recipients” to prove they are employed, participating in job training, or searching for work to receive benefits. The revised bill currently awaits approval by the House.


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