COVID-19 Vaccine on Track for FDA Approval by End of 2020

U.S. public health officials and Pfizer Inc. announced a COVID-19 vaccine could be ready for distribution by late October.

As progress towards a vaccine moves rapidly, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has started outlining potential distribution plans for states and cities with an abundance of high-risk groups.

The CDC sent three documents to public health officials in all states and territories, along with officials in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, and San Antonio. The documents outlined scenarios for distrusting two unidentified vaccine candidates, each requiring two doses a few weeks apart, at accessible locations.

If the vaccine receives approval, the action plan is to make the vaccine available free of cost first to high-risk groups, including healthcare workers, national security personnel, and nursing home residents and staff.

Pfizer continued to offer insight into the vaccine development by stating it already manufactured thousands of doses of a vaccine that will be seeking approval immediately if safe and effective. Pfizer believes it will know by the end of October whether the COVID-19 vaccine being developed is safe or not.

The FDA will adequately do their due diligence and conduct a team of experts to review the data and results to ensure the vaccine is both safe and effective before approving any vaccine, whether that be in October 2020 or January 2021.