CMS Removes Eight Codes from Patient-Facing Status Consideration

February 2018 ~

CMS’ has released an updated list of the codes used to determine patient-facing status for providers or practices which includes the removal of eight radiology codes.

The updated list of patient facing encounter codes, published January 24, omits several procedure codes that many have argued do not accurately indicate the type of care that is typically thought of as patient-facing because the interaction with the patient is very limited and there is no evaluation and management services billed with these eight types of encounters.

The following surgery codes have been removed from the patient facing encounter HCPCS/CPT code list:

  • Paracentesis (49082, 49083)
  • Thoracentesis (32554, 32555)
  • Joint injections (64490, 64493)
  • Lumbar puncture (62270)

Myelography (62284)


Source(s): CMS; RBMA Coding Blog;