Cigna Coronavirus (COVID-19) Interim Billing Guidance

March 2020 ~

Cigna has announced certain changes and waivers to be implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As stated in a recent announcement, the insurer will cover diagnostic tests with no cost-sharing when recommended by a health care professional. Effective immediately, Cigna is waiving out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 testing-related visits with in-network providers, regardless of location (i.e. physician’s office, urgent care clinic, emergency room, or telehealth) through May 31, 2020.

Additionally, in an effort to assist beneficiaries with immunosuppression, chronic conditions or transportation challenges, Cigna is implementing virtual treatment by in-network physicians with those capabilities through May 31, 2020.

Effective March 17 through May 31, 2020, behavioral telehealth sessions are available to patients with Cigna coverage and are administered in accordance with their behavioral health benefits. During this interim period, however, telehealth attestations will not be required to deliver telehealth sessions. The insurer notes that, regardless of attestation status, providers are expected to use a secure platform to deliver services and follow all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

(HIPAA) requirements. Behavioral providers who meet telehealth requirements may deliver services via telehealth with no additional credentialing.

The insurer is also offering free home delivery of up to 90-day supplies for Rx maintenance medications available through the Express Scripts Pharmacy and 24/7 access to pharmacists.

Cigna also announced, effective March 23 through May 31, 2020, prior authorizations will be waived for the transfer of its non-COVID-19 customers from acute inpatient hospitals to in-network LTACHs. In place of prior authorizations, a notification from the LTACH will be required on the next business day following the transfer. The insurer will also waive prior authorizations for the transfer of patients to other in-network subacute facilities, including skilled nursing facilities and acute rehab centers.

For more information on Cigna’s recent policy changes pertaining to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center.

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