ACA Open Enrollment Rates Drop

February 2017 ~

For the first time since its induction, enrollment numbers in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have declined, according to the most recent CMS Biweekly Enrollment Snapshot.

At a total of 9.2 million sign ups during the fourth open enrollment period, enrollment dropped nearly 500,000 from 2016 fourth period open enrollment totals.

Of the 9.2 million people who enrolled this year, one-third (approximately 3 million) were new to ACA coverage. CMS stated a major drop in enrollment occurred during the final week of the open enrollment period with about 375,000 signing up in the last week of this enrollment season, compared to the nearly 700,000 for the 2016 period.

The total enrollment numbers released did not include the 11 states currently running their own exchanges and are not limited to those who have paid premiums. A more detailed report is expected to be released in March.


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