The Heart of AdvantEdge: Meet John Gringeri, Director of Information Technology

Today, we continue our Heart of AdvantEdge campaign to give our readers insight into our employees who we are at AdvantEdge.

Meet John Gringeri, our Director of our Information Technology (IT).

As the head of the IT department, John oversees the infrastructure of all technical operations and is responsible for all aspects of information technology, security, and compliance for the entire organization.

Each day, John and his team monitor and track all technology and systems in place to ensure all systems and processes are operational, as well as identify security vulnerabilities and eliminate security risks, ensure data availability and network services are maintained, and also manage various projects, such as system migration and integration.

In addition to maintaining current operations and systems, it is also John’s role to identify and recommend new software, hardware, and storage and technology solutions. The regular implementation of new software and hardware, directed by John and his team, leverages technology that increases efficiencies, minimize costs, promotes the company’s continued growth, and best serves our clients and employees.

John joined the AdvantEdge team in 2003 and has now been with the company for over 16 years. When asked what he enjoys the most about his role at AdvantEdge, he said he likes that is always changing and that he is always facing a new challenge.

John holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is a certified fencing coach and has been coaching the local high school fencing team for over 15 years. Outside of work John enjoys fencing and spending time with his family.