The Heart of AdvantEdge: Meet Cindy Ard, Billing Team Supervisor

Today, we continue our Heart of AdvantEdge campaign to give our readers a bit of insight into who we are at AdvantEdge, what we do and why we do it.

Meet Cindy Ard, Billing Team Supervisor located in our Salem, New Hampshire office. Cindy became part of the AdvantEdge team in June of 1997 and has been with the company for 22 years!

Prior to joining the billing team, Cindy spent a number of years as an assistant manager in customer service. During this time, Cindy says she gained a number of skills that carried through to the billing department which prepared her for daily interactions with customers and have aided her in managing her current staff of 19.

On an average day, Cindy and her team work to verify that all payments are documented and accounted for. In addition to offering support to clients and answering any questions that may arise, her main priority, Cindy says, is to make sure all charges are entered in the system and billed out appropriately.

When asked what she has enjoyed most about working at AdvantEdge, Cindy replied: “The best things about my job are the people I work with, each day, and the reward I get from identifying and resolving difficult issues.”

Cindy is originally from Massachusetts. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and being with family.