The Heart of AdvantEdge: Jen Vagle, Account Recovery Supervisor

Today we shine the spotlight on Jennifer Vagle, an Account Recovery (AR) supervisor in our Lombard, Illinois office with over twenty-five years of experience in the medical coding, billing and revenue cycle management industry.

Jen joined the AdvantEdge Healthcare team in 1995 and, during her tenure, has contributed to countless client projects. In her role as an AR supervisor, Jen is responsible for project management duties including running reports, monitoring processes and systems to ensure quality control as well as employee training and development. She and her AR team meet regularly to review the current systems and procedures in place then discuss possible implementations and improvements that will complete projects more effectively and efficiently. Jen also participates in daily meetings with the global team where she provides relevant training and Q&A sessions to ensure all AdvantEdge team members have the most up-to-date knowledge to best meet each of our client’s individual needs.

When asked what has been the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being an AR supervisor has been, Jen says that she finds that quite often these are one in the same. She enjoys working in a fast paced environment and how each client is unique and with every new project comes a different challenge, so she is always learning something new along the way.

One of the many employees that encompass “The Heart of AdvantEdge”, Jen’s ClientFirst focus allows her to understand and embrace our clients’ business needs, objectives, and goals and she takes great pride in the quality of service her team provides each day.