Four Technology Trends You Should Integrate Into Your Radiology Practice

The radiology industry constantly evolves and develops new technology trends to improve physicians’ performance and ensure patient satisfaction. These industry trends can also facilitate radiologists’ tasks to allow them to focus on patients while ensuring proper revenue collection. 

Radiology practices must stay on top of these latest trends in the industry to stay ahead of the competition. By understanding and implementing these trends, medical practices and professionals can:  

  • Identify areas of opportunity for business growth  
  • Improve the quality of care 
  • Reduce administrative burdens 
  • Optimize processes 

Here are four technology trends you should integrate into your radiology practice:  

1. AI Adoption 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues gaining traction in the healthcare industry in 2023, including radiology. AI uses algorithms and machine learning to analyze and interpret data, deliver personalized experiences, and automate repetitive tasks. 

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According to Radiology, AI will rapidly be deployed, especially across medical imaging to help techs and radiologists do more with less. This technology has come a long way in helping address physician burnout and radiologist staff shortages.  

AI can speed-up exam throughput, improve quality images, auto-complete reports, automate measurements, and reduce retakes. Artificial intelligence will continue expanding in radiology; therefore, specialists must stay on top of this trend. This can help radiologists reduce workload, improve patient experience, and facilitate tasks. 

2. MRI Expansion  

Another key point is Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIH) states that MRI is a non-invasive imaging technology that produces three-dimensional detailed anatomical images. 

Additionally, new MRI technologies can help drive MRI expansion in the coming years. New MRI specifically features automate and simplify the imaging process and enhance the patient experience. 

According to Radiology, MRI is becoming more accessible and less expensive to maintain. Also, when artificial intelligence is integrated into MRI systems and post-processing software, AI helps set up protocols and simplify exams, speed up exam times, and implement imaging protocols in less time. 

3. Billing Automation 

Medical billing automation is changing how radiologists are paid for their services. As a matter of fact, this automation allows technology to perform repetitive tasks automatically, more quickly, and with a lower margin of error. 

Therefore, it is vital for medical practices wanting to eliminate human errors in claim submission, detect billing errors before filing claims, reduce denials, and guarantee that you get paid for your work.  

With medical billing automation, radiology practices can: 

  • Get paid faster  
  • Reduce overhead expenses 
  • Increase patient focus 
  • Ensure compliance and guideline adherence 

Outsourcing your medical billing is another option to automate this process. If you outsource your billing, your RCM partner will provide you with billing specialists trained in billing automation to improve your claim processing and increase cash flow. 

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4. IT Medical Technology  

Medical practices’ IT and data security requirements differ significantly from other businesses. From interfaces to labs, and medical equipment to medical record data retention laws – it is critical to partner with a company specializing in outpatient healthcare. 

Above all, healthcare-focused IT can offer you services regarding network installation and security, cybersecurity, software interfaces, backup procedures, and EHR hosting. 

Counting on a healthcare-focused IT partner can significantly help your radiology practice stay up to date with industry regulations, enhance your processes, and protect your patient’s information. 

At AdvantEdge, we understand the importance of staying on top of technology trends to maximize revenue collection, reduce workload and ensure patient satisfaction. 

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