Employee SPOTLIGHT: Joe Laden Fits the Bill for AdvantEdge Anesthesiology Clients

employee SPOTLIGHT Joe Laden

In this Employee SPOTLIGHT, Joe Laden discusses what makes him gravitate towards anesthesiology.

“I love mental and technical challenges. That’s one of the reasons why I gravitated towards anesthesiology. Such practices have one of the most complicated billing and payment systems of any specialty. I’m up for and have been immensely enjoying this work for over 40 years,” says Joe Laden, who has served as Vice President of Client Management at AdvantEdge since April 1, 2017. 

Joe’s primary goal is to make sure AdvantEdge exceeds client expectations. “There are often aspects outside of medical billing that we address for our anesthesiology practices, as well as for our other specialties. I understand that anesthesiology practices sometimes require support outside of the billing realm in terms of performance reports, financial concerns, along with issues related to hospitals, negotiations with payers and other relevant items.”

Let Providers Do What They Do Best

 The many nuances of anesthesiology are no mystery to Joe. “Providers need to focus on their patients and leave their billing to us. Billing is of utmost interest to me – and it’s what I do best. It’s essential to give providers the space to take care of other aspects of their business outside of billing,” adds Joe, who is a regular keynote speaker at various conferences, including the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), American Society of Anesthesiologists, and numerous state anesthesiology societies, along with other organizations.

Joe, who is a member of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and Kentucky/Ohio Anesthesia Managers Association (KOAMA) recently shared his Data Analytics presentation at the ASA Advance 2022 Conference. Read more about AdvantEdge´s participation in this event and how to secure medical billing partnerships on our blog https://ahsrcmprod.wpengine.com/blog/asa-advance-2022-tips-secure-medical-billing-partnerships/