ASA Advance 2022: AdvantEdge Offers Participants Tips to Secure Medical Billing Partnerships

ASA Advance 2022

AdvantEdge recently participated in the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Advance 2022: The Anesthesiology Business Event in Dallas, Texas where members of our team offered participants tips and insights about the nuances of medical billing. 

In addition, Joe Laden, Vice President of Client Management at AdvantEdge, presented a lecture on Data Visualization that included an overview on how data is a driving force in optimizing provider practices. Here are three ASA Advance 2022 conference takeaways to help providers choose the best medical billing partner to meet their unique and specific needs:

     1. Anytime, Anywhere Access: If your data is only attended to and reviewed every 30 days – a mere 12 times a year – you’re potentially missing out on 353 opportunities. Having anytime, anywhere access to your data 365 days a year allows you to drill down into locations, providers, whether you’re measuring up to contracts and rates – and much more – on an ongoing basis.  Real-time data is a powerful tool to enhance processes and improve cash flow, so it’s essential to have quick, easy, and frequent access to this critical information. 

     2. The Whole Story: Being handed a stack of papers in a nifty binder won’t set the stage for success. You want a dedicated client manager – a medical billing partner who will interpret this data for you. How are you doing? What is happening? Where are you headed? What action can you and your team take? What story is being told through this data? Data is extremely valuable, but only if you thoroughly understand what the numbers represent – and act accordingly.

     3. Comfort Level: When you’re giving your medical billing company access to millions of hard-earned dollars, having a high level of trust is crucial on many levels. You want a company that communicates with you on a regular basis and is readily available to offer input, updates and to answer any questions, so you’re never left in the dark. You want to understand the thinking behind their strategy.

Look for a company that offers value-added services like supporting you in securing new business; increasing revenue; advising on special cases, and that offers you input when confronted with inconsistencies in your business model. When you require guidance, it’s essential to know you can reach out to first-rate specialists who deliver and exceed your expectations. 

Get the Edge

At AdvantEdge our highly trained and experienced staff understands how precious time is for providers and recognizes that every practice has unique and specific needs in the way of medical billing. Our hands-on ClientFirst billing approach supported by our highly reliable, secure, and proprietary technology optimizes billing workflows to meet the specific needs of every one of our valued clients.

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