Specialty Billing

Medical Specialty Billing

In today’s healthcare environment with ACA implementation, ACO’s, ICD-10, ongoing reimbursement pressures and increasing numbers of patients on high deductible insurance plans, medical billing becomes more challenging every day. Each medical specialty feels unique pressures but every practice is focused on assuring that every dollar owed is collected and at a reasonable cost.


In this challenging environment, many practices turn to professional billing partners to improve financial results, reduce administrative costs and provide more time to focus on patients, clinical issues and practice development. Specialist billing companies focus every day on maximizing results for their clients, consistent with government and insurance company regulations and laws. In fact, effective billing companies provide ongoing guidance and advice to their clients based on the ever-changing regulatory requirements.


But financial performance is only one dimension. Practices require easy visibility into billing results: after all, they represent the entire cash flow for the group and its partners. Leading billing services provide online reports and dashboards with current information on financial performance, productivity, quality measures and more.


Of course, partnership with a specialist billing company has a human side: service. Physicians and administrators must be able to reach a knowledgeable expert whenever they need to do so. Just as important, they expect their account manager to provide proactive information, advice and recommendations.


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